Re: [Amel] SM Headsail furler maintainance

Graham Boyd

Hi Eric,

Thanks alot for the info. I took the main metal cover that is roped to the pulpit off today and all looked fine in there. Any chance you could send pics of your grease nipple locations. I note that at the bottom of the foil there are several pop rivets, but also 3 screws that are moved using allen keys. These wouldnt by any chance be greasing pionts?

SM140 Sula
Hong Kong

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Hi,I drilled and taped two holes in the furler on high and one low using a 5 mm tap..I use the autoprop grease adapter togrease the furler and then screw in 2 nylon bolts. I also did this to the furling motor and outhaul.Ericsm 376 Kimberliet----- Original Message -----From: Graham Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 6:22 amSubject: [Amel] SM Headsail furler maintainanceTo:> Can anyone tell me what maintainance one should be doing to the > headsail furler motor/gear box assembly on the SM. I have had my > boat for 7 years now this must be one of the very few bits I > haven't taken to pieces yet!> > Graham Boyd > SM 140 SULA> >

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