Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Engine-Autoprop problem

Jay Jones <selector6501@...>

Clean/replace all your fuel filters and let us know
what happens.
Diagnosis based on "started up and made power after
sailing in rough seas" probably shook enough trash off
the prefilter/filter media to allow full flow.
If the prop failed to fully deploy you would have a
overspeed condition due to lack of resistance.
--- Dimitris <> wrote:

I am facing continuously the following problem
which annoys me very
much and can even become dangerous.

I am starting the engine and everything is ok. I can
increase the
revolutions and the power without any problem. I go
out of the
harbor and I stop the engine for sailing every time
I am starting
the engine (after sailimg and without furling in all
sails ) I have
to wait 10 minutes until the engine increases
revolutions and the
power and as you can imagine I never know if this is
going to happen
when I am approaching land I start the engine well
before hoping
that the engine will work. I think that it could be
that the
autoprop is starting to unfold but to me it is not
normal that the
engine can not increase the revolutions. It never
happened when I
start the engine after leaving with the boat from
the harbor. I had
a technician onboard and he told me that propably
this happens
because the tank was half empty and the fuel went
out of the engine
back to the tank and the fuel pump needs time to
refill the engine
and increase the revolutions and the power. I filled
the tank but
the same happens. I even tried to pump by hand the
fuel pump on the
engine but I could not see any improvement when the
problem arise
after sailing and starting the engine.

I was suspecting air in the fuel circuit as I had
also when the boat
was delivered to me but the technician is not
convinced. He proposed
to put an electric fuel pump after the Racor filter
but I am not
very keen of doing that. . Could it be a fuel filter

This week-end I made a test suggested by Amel . As
always you never
have the problem when you are trying to find a
solution for that. I
sailed for about 45 minutes in a pretty rough sea of
about 25 Knots
apparent wind and when I started the engine it
worked normally. I
really do not know what is going on. I believe that
it is a problem
of the propeller but I do not know how long it takes
to fold and
unfold the blades. What I have done is that I furled
in the sails .
Normally when I started the engine I continue
sailing with the sails
in place and perhaps this speed is not allowing the
blades to

Has somebody had a similar problem?

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