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We backed up to the computer and the cloud


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To All,

I totally and very strongly support Bill's point of view. It is entirely
inappropriate to have salespeople join this group to mine its members.

We already had this issue once with a, bona fide, member who happens to be
also a sailmaker. Very fortunately this sailmaker was elegant enough to
discontinue his sales pitch while continuing to let us benefit by his
experience. We should not allow anyone to transform a friendly forum into a
marketing instrument.

Jean Boucharlat

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The person posting advice about insurance is:
Scott Stusek
Yacht insurance agent at Jack Martin & Assoc.
Baltimore, Maryland Area Insurance

Although his information may be valuable it is also probably somewhat

I like the plugs we give each other for products and services that stand
out. That is what this group is all about.

However, I object to a insurance sales agent gold-mining this group for
sales. I am fairly sure most of you do also.

Jose, you should look into this for us.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Fethiye, Turkey

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I have a question...

Are you an Amel owner recommending insurance, or are you in the business
of selling insurance?

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Fethiye, Turkey

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I have learned from recent posts about the demise of Lemmas yacht
insurance program. If anyone is looking to replace the coverage I might have
an option through my carrier Pantaenius America, Ltd which offers worldwide
navigational options written on U.S. A rated paper. You can go to our
website to check us out and or contact me directly anytime at 443-569-7995 /
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