Re: We are looking to buy a Maramu


Rob and Glen,<br><br>If you search
on the internet for Amel sailboats, you will find
several Maramus listed for sale now, as well as Super
Maramus, Mangos and a Sharki. I often check the
specifications of boats on this website to see how others have
improved them. If you contact the brokers with these
Amels, they will watch for other boats. It also helps
you to understand the current pricing.<br><br>If you
like the Maramu, I would look at the Mango, too. It
has the same full hard dodger as the Maramu, which I
like a lot.<br><br>Good Luck!<br>David
Lambertsen<br>s/v Have Fun!<br>Amel Maramu 48

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