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I have had good help with Bowman parts from a company called Lancing Marine in the UK. They say they carry Europe's largest stock of marinising parts. I dont have your part number but when I have ordered parts they have been knowledgable and fast and should be able to get the right one from the engine model. The last parts I bought were much cheaper shipped from them to Australia rather than buying in Australia.
I have no connection with them other than as a customer.

John Popeye Maramu #91

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Hallo all,
Our gear box oil cooler (Bowman) is broken. As we are not on the boat, we need the code which is written on the rubber end covers between the oil cooler and the hose from the intake / to the impeller of the motor.
Our SM 2000 is #436, built in 2004. If someone has a
similar cooler and is on the boat to check the number, this would be of
great help, much appreciated.
Best regards Hans-Joachim

SM 2000 #436 Lisboa

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