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Thanks, John,
I'll have a look when I get back on the boat.
Hi to Ruth.

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Kent, If you are talking about transmission oil cooler, the small square box bolted to the side of your transmission is the cooler. It  just has water circulating through the box via 2 water hoses. Its impossible to get water into your transmission from the box because it's completely closed. It doesn't look like it's big enough to cool the transmission but the company says it works.  John :Moon Dog" SM248  (Volvo 78HP)
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      Hi Bill & Hans,

I'm not sure I even have an oil cooler...will have to check when I get back on the boat.  I've not had water in the ATM fluid, so I guess it hasn't failed, but I'm wondering how you know if it's not functioning properly.  Is there a temp sensor somewhere?



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Did you see the reply from Eric: end cap part number: 3312307029

I had a problem with the cooler getting clogged with debris. Is it possible that this is your problem. If so, remove the forward end cap and vacuum out with a wet/dry vacuum.

I looked for a part number on the cooler and found none.

There are a number of photos at

Hope this helps.


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Hallo all,
Our gear box oil cooler (Bowman) is broken. As we are not on the boat, we need the code which is written on the rubber end covers between the oil cooler and the hose from the intake / to the impeller of the motor.
Our SM 2000 is #436, built in 2004. If someone has a
similar cooler and is on the boat to check the number, this would be of
great help, much appreciated.
Best regards Hans-Joachim
SM 2000 #436 Lisboa

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