Re: [Amel] oil cooler


Kimberlite has the exact transmission oil cooler as in the photo link previously posted.the seawater first enters the transmission oil cooler and then goes to the raw water pump.if there is a hole in thisĀ  ( it is a heat exchanger) there should be water in the atf fluid in the transmission,I would also think that the level of emulsified Atf fluid should increase in the transmission.fair windsericsm 376----- Original Message -----From: dr_hofschulte Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012 12:30 amSubject: [Amel] oil coolerTo: amelyachtowners@...> Hi John,> from where should come the water in the ATF oil ? The only > possibility,for my opinion, is a broken oil cooler. In this > cooler is water and oil in different sections. If a pipe in the > inner section is broken , the water must go into the oil. What > do you think? > best regards Hans-Joachim> > SM2000 #436 Johanna-Amalthea, Lissabon > >

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