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If you do have a cylinder type oil cooler with rubber end caps a leak can come from corrosion of the solder where the end of the pipes fit. I think this is more likely than a hole in the pipe. A repair with silver solder is possible but a replacement is better. A visual inspection after removing the end caps maybe?

On previous engines I have replaced a Bowman heat exchanger element and oil cooler due to corrosion of the solder at the end of the pipes causing leaks but they were old engines. I think you are unluky to get a leak on a young engine. Is the ATF milky or is there a possibility the ATF is foamy from air, maybe from incorrect level? Presumably the replacement ATF went soapy aswell.

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Hi John,
from where should come the water in the ATF oil ? The only possibility,
for my opinion, is a broken oil cooler. In this cooler is water and oil in different sections. If a pipe in the inner section is broken , the water must go into the oil. What do you think?
best regards Hans-Joachim

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