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Hello Kent,

Thanks for your comment. Do you know if the Freedom was installed by Amel, or is it an after-market installation? Do you turn it on just for specific use or do you tend to leave it powered?

On the Xantrex website, I cannot seem to find a Freedom that is an inverter only. It appears the current versions of the product are all inverter/chargers. Is this how yours is set up?

Bill from s/v BeBe has most kindly explained to us his factory install. His Statpower PROsine (now Xantrex PROsine) is inverter-only, no battery charger feature included.


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Hi Francisco abd Odette. I own SM 243 which has a Freedom 80A Charger/Inverter that provides 220v to microwave and receptacles from 24v battery bank. Also has an equalize feature to keep batteries from over-sulfating. Nice system.
SM 243
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Hello Bill,

We have some 230v audio equipment for which the manufacturer makes no version other than 230v and 110v. We would therefore like to have 230v available throughout the boat at all times (subject to flipping a switch or two, of course), without necessarily having to turn on the generator or plugging into shore power.

I will reach out to you to you via your e-mail to see what the "factory original" 230v inverter installation option looks like. I'd like to have it duplicated on our boat.

Thanks in advance,

Francisco + Odette
sv Peregrinus
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Richard, Duncan, et al,

I am not sold on the 110v conversion. You should check the number of the places in the world that provide 110v 60htz. You will find that the US and a few other places are the only places that have this voltage, while the rest of the world is 230v 50htz. Rather than doing this 110v 60htz inverter, think seriously about adding a 24 to 230v 50htz inverter assuming that you do not already have an Amel-installed 230v 50htz inverter. Then when in St. Martin, Martinique and many other Caribbean islands buy all of the 230v appliances that you need. Also, you will find that almost all of your electronic gear will accept 110 - 240 volts AC 50-60 hertz...all you need to use these is a plug adapter.

If you follow the above suggestion, your Amel will be equipped for worldwide cruising. Also, remember, if worldwide cruising is not in your plans, it will likely be in the plans of a significant number of people who may want to buy your Amel when you are ready to sell her. Be careful not to do something now that you will regret then.

Amel wires the inverter in a separate circuit outside of the AC panel, with no connection between the inverter and the panel. The inverter does not go through the same breakers...there are a number of benefits with this...if you do not know, ask an experienced marine electrician. If you want to know more about the wiring scheme and location of the 230v receptacles done by Amel on a Super Maramu, write me at bill"at"

I hope this helps.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently N. Cyprus

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Hi Duncan we removed the entire Amel charging system and installed a 100 dolphin smart charger. You can get them from Budget the in Jolly Harbor or shipped in from the imported in Florida or from Defender in Ct. We then installer a 24 to 110 inverter hard wired to a breaker panel from it we ran 110 (600 volt wire) to ground fault plugs all over the boat using the standard Amel wireways. We can now plug in to most any dock in the world and charge the batteries. Then use your USA stuff at will. Your 220 stuff will generally work so long as there are no timers like the washers and dryer they tend to dislike 60 cycle. Give me a call if you have questions. The above system has work without issue on both my AMELs and a few I've worked on. Smart chargers are the way to go in today's world.

Regards SM 209 in Annapolis for sale

Richard Piller

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You suggested that I convert my electrical system to a broad range (?80-280?) charger. The boat is in the process of being checked by an electrical service company in Antigua and this would be a good time to address the issue. Can you suggest a manufacturer, etc.?

On Nov 10, 2011, at 9:40 AM, Richard Piller wrote:

Hi Kent, Epic Yachting has also been in contact with Amel to provide service for the boats. They have a deep water marina in Gloucester, VA that is fully capable of Amel service. It is a very short run from Norfolk to Severn River Marine Service. There is also Amel service available at their docks in Annapolis and in Newport RI from May to November. They are a mast cap to keel stem to stern service firm.
Richard SM 209 in Annapolis For Sale

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I was sad to hear of Ray's passing, he was a real peach of a guy. He worked on Kristy right after I bought her and sailed across the Gulf from Galveston to Key West and Ft. Lauderdale.

I had a lot of quality work done on KRISTY over the last few years at Deltaville Marina on the Chesapeake. Keith, the owner, said he'd worked on several Amels in the past and is enthralled with the way they are built and their systems are laid out. He contacted Amel to see about becoming an Amel service center but got no reply. We need somewhere like that where we can get Amel-specific help on the Eastern Seaboard. I'd like to start a campaign to ask Amel to find a good yard and get them trained to work on our boats. I'd recommend Deltaville Boatyard but any good yard would be better than having to go to Martinique or deal with folks who just don't get the Amel systems.

Any thoughts?

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