Re: [Amel] twin headsails for downwind

eric freedman

Alessandro,We found a big gennaker was better for the Atlantic crossing, as we found that the twin poles only work at a small range of wind angles.They also tend to dip frighteningly close to the sea as the boat rolls. have some spare pop it rivets and the giant pop it rivet gun to reassemble the pole if you break the tip.At one point we had the gennaker up for i think more than 5 days in the trades . Night and Day.Fair windsEricsm376----- Original Message -----From: alexgennai Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012 12:44 pmSubject: [Amel] twin headsails for downwindTo:> I'm a new owner of GRAND CRU the SM 2K #443 and I'm preparing to > cross atlantic at the end of november. I suppose that the twin > headsail are very helpful in downwind sailing but in the owner > manual it is not so clear how to hoist and lower the head balooner.> Anyone could be so kind to give me a clear explication regarding > how to manage this sail?> could be appreciated photos and videos on this item!!!!!> thanks so much> fair winds> alessandro> >

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