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If you would like, I can email you a copy of the original factory CD with the manual. It has detailed instructions. I'd be happy to show you in person but I suspect I won't be near your marina any time soon ;-)

Let me know what language you prefer as I think I have it in a few different ones and we can save bandwidth by not sending all of them. If it is not copyrighted I may be able to simply put it on my website for anyone to download.

Someone else mentioned a gennaker as a better option. I don't agree with that as gennakers work poorly at the wind angles the twins excel at. Gennakers are more of a reaching sail. Pole end heights are easy enough to adjust and if conditions are really adverse, I'd rather just switch to the genoa.

Most Amel owners report satisfaction with the twin headsails on extended passages.

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I'm a new owner of GRAND CRU the SM 2K #443 and I'm preparing to cross atlantic at the end of november. I suppose that the twin headsail are very helpful in downwind sailing but in the owner manual it is not so clear how to hoist and lower the head balooner.
Anyone could be so kind to give me a clear explication regarding how to manage this sail?
could be appreciated photos and videos on this item!!!!!
thanks so much
fair winds

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