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I know a couple of people here have the 75hp Yanmar in their Maramu which is like 4jh5 54hp but with a turbo and it fits with, I think, some slight alteration of the engine beds. There were some posts about it a while back talking about it and which transmission fits best.

I have an M60 (same block as the M50 and Volvo MD22). I personally wouldn't put the Volvo head on the Perkins block as I don't think all parts are interchangable (eg the wiring is diferent) but would buy a whole second hand engine if I went that route. I think there are more Volvo MD22s around than m50s and a reconditioned one would be a straight swap and probably the easiest way to go.

Are you happy with the power you have? If so the 54 Yanmar or the Beta 60 would both be good engines if you wanted a new engine. I looked at it awhile ago but can't remember all the details you need such as which side the alternator, fuel pump, starter are on and exhaust diameter and whether it is necessary to repitch or change the prop etc. I think the Beta would probably be better value and they can make custom feet so you may be able to get them made to match the M50. I think the Beta also reaches max power at lower revs (2700) than the Yanmar (3200?)

If you wanted a bit more power there is very little choice and the 75hp Yanmar is the most obvious. I have one but not in my Maramu and it has been good.

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Hi All - particularly Maramu and Santorin owners. The Faithful Perkins M50 in my Santorin has finally started to show signs of failure and needs a top end rebuild. Perkins (UK) failed all 6 of the latest batch of cylinder head assemblies, which puts a serious delay in our plans.
  Inevitably, I am thinking of a replacement engine, and I know that the M50 has been replaced in some Amels by the Volvo MD22 - looking at the drawings of both I'm convinced that the only difference is the paint colour!- and both are no longer made.

  I'm being recommended the Yanmar 4JH5E - has anyone any experience of installing one of these in an Amel of the Santorin/Maramu vintage??


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