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Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Everyone,

Be careful with XM. Coverage is only for North America and some Caribbean.

In my industry, it is well known XM is not as good as they suggest they are…..


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Can anyone inform me if they have successfully tuned in satellite radio recently while cruising in Venezuelan waters?

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We have Sirius on board and it works well in the Carib. We installed an external Sirius antenna mounted on the stern rail which solved the none reception from the small disc supplied. I agree with Bill on BeBe that people streaming video are making wi fi reception close to impossible except during the early morning hours.

Paul LaFrance
Currently Trellis Bay, BVI

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We are planning on cruising in the Caribbean beginning next November and are interesting in people's thoughts on wifi and entertainment systems. I have XM on the boat now but would need to get the signal through wifi connection in the Carib as satellite radio doesn't work down there. Also interested in streaming movies but don't want to pay for service by the byte and end up watching $500 movies. Is broadband generally available in the Eastern Caribbean and is it affordable ?

Jean-Pierre Germain
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