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I noted you were in Bundaberg so was thinking of the Queensland coast and more remote anchorages so wasn't thinking wifi. I am in Far North Queensland, not many hotspots. I'm no computer person but have tried to solve the issue to get internet weather forecasts on the outer reef and up to Lizard Island. I hear of other boats using a mobile phone booster and it seems the perfect answer for internet access when along the Queensland coast, but now there is a potential $220,000 fine for possessing one of these boosters.


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Dennis and Virginia,
I may have this wrong but I presume you mean a mobile phone booster rather than satellite. Last year we fitted a mobile phone external aerial on the pushpit which helps with coverage on the outer reef although not fantastic. We use it with a telstra smart phone with an external aerial socket which is better than a passive external aerial like you can get for a vehicle. I think the same patch lead would plug into a computer. This setup was recomended by a knowledgable retailer when I tried to buy a booster. It is my understanding that mobile phone boosters are illegal in Austalia. The logic/reasoning is they can interfere/block others if used too close to good coverage including potentially interfering with emergency services. Boosters may be on some yachts and fishing boats in Australia but can no longer be bought here although I believe they are available in New Zealand including on the internet. Maybe you can find out more about Australian regulations on google?

Hope this helps

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We have concluded our second year of cruising and have found that an Internet range extender (booster antenna) is quite helpful in many anchorages and marinas.  Does anyone have a product that they are very pleased with?  We have experience with two different products but are looking for something that is stronger and more consistent -off the shelf, we'd prefer to not have to build one ourselves unless you have simple, detailed diagrams.
Dennis & Virginia Johns
s/v Libertad
Bundaberg, Australia

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