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Over the past 7 years, I have had several wi-fi boaster antennas on my boat with varying degrees of success. They were cumbersome, had heavy wires on them that had to go through the hatch to the computer. On top of that I had to haul the thing up the mast and tie it off so it wouldn't hit any thing. I never got more then 3 bars on the strength meter. I recently purchased a WIRIE unit. It is simple. Attaches to the life line or better the pipe that's on the 2 shrouds that hold the spinnaker pole. It has only a small 12 volt electric wire to hook up. I plugged mine into the cigarette lighter in the cockpit. Its that simple. The boat then becomes a hot spot similar to the router you put in your house to produce wi-fi through all the rooms. Now you can use 2 or 3 computers anywhere on the boat. I now get 5 bars on the meter. If you like your neighbor anchored next to you, give him your password and he can log in. If not, charge him a small fee to help supplement the cruising kitty.

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Hi, Dave.

How's that directional antenna work as you swing around your anchor? Is it mounted on your mast?




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I have a friend who is an expert in this field. His advice is to stick with directional antennas. We have a home-made one on our boat and it will pick up wi-fi miles away.

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We have concluded our second year of cruising and have found that an Internet range extender (booster antenna) is quite helpful in many anchorages and marinas. Does anyone have a product that they are very pleased with? We have experience with two different products but are looking for something that is stronger and more consistent -off the shelf, we'd prefer to not have to build one ourselves unless you have simple, detailed diagrams.
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