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Hi Bill, your reply is simply wonderful. I will print it and include in Amel manuals, but this time my trouble aren't the jabsco pumps. I've disconnected both and the red light still switched on.
Does you know a method to reach the cause of red light? If I turn off circuit breakers on 24V panel, the red light doesn't turn off, I think it's because breakers interrupt the positive circuit,but not the negative (I have "masse -").

Thanks a lot to everybody who have read and reply to my question, and sorry for my ugly English.

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The Masse Red Light is an indicator that electrical current is leaking to the ground system.

The circuit breakers for the toilets are inside the engine room located on a gray electrical box on the "engine room-galley" bulkhead. There are 2 "WC" breakers, one for the forward toilet and one for the aft toilet.

If the toilet does not work and the breaker has been opened, it is very likely that the macerator pump on the non-working toilet needs to be replaced because the shaft-seal is leaking water into the motor. My experience is that it is not worth trying to replace the seal on this pump. I always replace the complete macerator pump, and I always rebuild all other pumps. This Jabsco macerator pump is costly to purchase, but made very cheaply.

Procedure to remove:

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