Beautiful drawings of YOUR Amel yacht!

Amel Salvagny

Dear all,

One of my friends, Flemming Hansen, is a retired artist and passionate sailor (X-Yacht, not Amel). He is offering to make a drawing of your Amel yacht weather it is a Santorin (like mine), Super Maramu, Maramu, Amel 54, Sharki etc.

I gave him the Amel drawings of my Santorin and he did this amazing drawing on the computer and delivered it in PDF-format so it is easy to print or mail or just use as background on your computing device, whatever is may be.

He will take individual differences into account like colour on boat, sails, flag, name on the sails, colour of sprayhood, arc, davits, dinghy or whatever you have added or modified on your boat.

If you are interested in buying a drawing of your Amel yacht, Flemming offer to draw your yacht for GBP 80 (for yachts over 50 feet) or GBP 67 (for yachts under 50 feet). You must give details on you yacht and will thereafter receive a PDF as proof. When you and Flemming agrees that the drawing is fine you will receive the final PDF.

If you are interested in a drawing then have a look at (page is in English):

I must underline that I have absolutely NO commercial interest in Flemmings drawings but would like to support him and recommend his really nice drawings - maybe a great Christmas Present?

Best regards,
Santorin Salvagny, currently lying in Gilleleje, Denmark
(It is currently freezing 8 degree Celcius below zero - had to empty all tanks, tubes, plumbing etc. Listen to my advice: Stay in warm waters!)

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