New Charger Connections


Hi all,
I had to replace my battery bank b/c of a failure in my Heart Interface charger/inverter. I also had the backup charger fail last year and had just purchased a new one which I was getting ready to install when the Heart failed. I'm now working with guy who is trying to help me install the new backup charger to the new battery bank, but he is unfamiliar with European vs US 220v input. The new charger input posts say "Hot", "Neutral" and "Ground". Do we hook up the input brown wire to "HOT", the blue wire to "Neutral" and the green/yellow one to "ground"? If not, what is the proper connection method?

Thanks for your quick replies. I'm without a charger now.

I was also going to hook up one output from this new charger to the 12v start battery. The chase where all wires lead to the battery bank is sealed with some kind of very stiff sealant so no wires can be run directly to the battery. Is it OK to connect the charger to one of the starters instead? If not, any suggestions?

Thanks again,
Kent SM 243
currently Brunswick, GA

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