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Hey Graham, how are you? Thank you for your reply, I am in Australia and wanted to use a suitable 6 pole switch and without any relays. My system is 24 volt and the wattage in the specs say typical consumption is 66 – 96 watts (or 100 watts), divide that by 24volts = 4.1 amps. I figured a good heavy duty switch capable of at least 10 amps would suffice, do you agree?

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Hi Barry,
I have just done the same installation on our Sharki.
I installed a 25A switch as we are on 12v and the course computer can supply a constant 20A. Blue Sea supply the switches at crazy prices but you will find the same ones listed on the RS Components website at a fraction of the cost. I seem to recall mine was around £40.
I can probably find the part number if you would like it.
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Hi Guys, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you all. I am currently installing a Raymarine Linear drive unit to my existing Auto Pilot system. I have the original Rotary drive installed in above the Galley and the new Linear unit currently being installed in the aft cabin. I have replaced the existing quadrant for another from Amel to accommodate the new drive. All looking pretty good so far however, I need to know the switch to use so as to switch alternatively between the two drive units. I am guessing here by using a single DPDT heavy duty switch of 10amps should suffice. One side positive 24VDC switching between either drive, the other side 12VDC switching between either clutch. Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers.

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Barry & Robyn
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