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Barry <seagasm@...>

I can confirm that, we are currently at the Bundaberg Port Marina and the is one SM2000 up on the hard stand and what appears an older Amel on the storage stand.

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Tradewinds III SM171

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Hello Giovanni,
Bundaberg Port Marina, less than a mile up the Burnett River, is a modern facility with a large yacht hoist.  The other boat yard (near the city, 12 miles up the river) is less upscale with only a sled to haul boats and as my Maramu was too large for them, your SM will also be too large for them.
We are hauled out and in storage for the cyclone season,.  We have not had the opportunity to use and evaluate any of the services (i.e. SS fabrication, riggers, etc.).
Our insurance contract specified that we had to be south of Lat 25 S during the cyclone season but we were able to negotiate a change to the contract to read Lat 24 S.

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