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Bill, a closer look and a little research would suggest the switch is a 4 pole changeover switch, perhaps the rotary type. I understand these to be available from electrical wholesalers which I will check out tomorrow. Thanks again for your help.

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Thank you Bill, now where do I find one of those switches, I note you refer to it as a Raymarine A-B Drive Switch. Is it one of their products?

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Barry & Robyn,

Two things:

Photos at:

And, the drives are wired on SM #387 with aft linear drive with the polarity reversed. DC motors will reverse when polarity is reversed and it was required to wire the aft with the drive motor with reversed polarity.

I see you know about the clutch voltage. Be sure you select 12VDC on the Course Computer.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Guys, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you all. I am currently installing a Raymarine Linear drive unit to my existing Auto Pilot system. I have the original Rotary drive installed in above the Galley and the new Linear unit currently being installed in the aft cabin. I have replaced the existing quadrant for another from Amel to accommodate the new drive. All looking pretty good so far however, I need to know the switch to use so as to switch alternatively between the two drive units. I am guessing here by using a single DPDT heavy duty switch of 10amps should suffice. One side positive 24VDC switching between either drive, the other side 12VDC switching between either clutch. Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers.

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Barry & Robyn
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