USA Shore Power Wiring

Mark Erdos

Merry Christmas fellow Amel owners!

I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this please. I recently had a small fire in my shore power plug and it melted most of the connections. Luckily, it was limited to just the plug and no other damage was incurred. I purchased a replacement plug (Marinco 50A 125/250v part number 6365CRN) and thought this would be an easy swap out. Ha!

In the shore power cord, I have 4 wires: Red, Black, White and BLUE. I can see from the old installation that white goes to white (W), red goes to red (X) and black goes to black (Y). My problem is the instructions call for a green wire to connect to green (G). I have a blue wire. Is this the same as the green wire?????

I should probably tell you I am in the USA at this point and need to configure to the marina 50a 220v service.

I can't be sure where the blue wire was connected, if it was connected at all, since most of the plug has melted on this side. I have four wires and four holes. Logic tells me to connect the blue to the green slot but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. I really like our boat and would like not to blow it up this Christmas.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Cream Puff

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