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Did you clean the heat exchanger of all broken impeller pieces? It could be overheating causing automatic shutdown.

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What error code are you getting? The error code is a series of blinking lights on the start switch.

From your description I would guess that the Onan is either starving for fuel, or there is a faulty 12VDC connection.

A few things to consider in order of priority:
If the electric fuel pump is failing, it could intermittently deliver insufficient pressure and starve the Onan of fuel. Be sure that the fuel pump is operating correctly before going to the next step. BTW, the electric fuel pump will eventually fail. If you do not have a spare, now is the time to buy one to determine if this is your problem. If you have a problem with a new one installed, proceed to the next step which will be much more difficult. If the new fuel pump works for you, buy a second one for a spare, if you plan to cross additional oceans.

The Onan will shut down if the 12VDC current is interrupted for even 1 second. This includes both the ground and positive wire. Generally the most suspect parts for intermittent 12VDC current faults are the positive and the negative solenoids.

Check out "Onan DC Control Schema" at

Hope this helps. Please let me know what you find.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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My boat is a SUPERMARAMU 2k #443 lunched 2004
I just crossed atlantic and during passage Onan worked perfectly for 6h/day for 15days but the 16th day began to "cough" and stopped: I check Racor were ok, I changed fuel filter, But I found impeller broker and so I changed it!
BUT, anyway, after that my ONAN works well for just 20 minutes than starts "coughing" and stops! Now I''m in St lucia and here mechanic can't solve the problem so I'm here asking your help if someone could give us an idea....I'd appreciate all suggestions!!!!

Supermaramu 2k #443
Rodney bay - st lucia

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