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Hi Joel has it right you need to find the broker bits and get
Them out of the cooling system.


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After checking the error code displayed by the number of flashes on the
generator starting switch, you might also check to see if you got all the
broken parts of the impellor out of the salt water side of the cooling
system. They usually, if you are lucky, accumulate on the face of the heat
exchanger. If not, you must go through the system and get all the pieces as
they will impede water flow and cause enough of a slight overheat/reduced
water flow condition to shut the unit down after about a half hour. It is
important when removing the impellor to count the blades THAT ARE MISSING
and be sure to find all of them. If not, then get a experienced ONAN
mechanic as I have found the subtleties of the ONAN often get by someone not
trained on them. Good luck and Happy Christmas.

All the best,

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Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2012 6:38 AM
Subject: [Amel] Strange problem with ONAN

My boat is a SUPERMARAMU 2k #443 lunched 2004
I just crossed atlantic and during passage Onan worked perfectly for 6h/day
for 15days but the 16th day began to "cough" and stopped: I check Racor were
ok, I changed fuel filter, But I found impeller broker and so I changed it!
BUT, anyway, after that my ONAN works well for just 20 minutes than starts
"coughing" and stops! Now I''m in St lucia and here mechanic can't solve the
problem so I'm here asking your help if someone could give us an idea....I'd
appreciate all suggestions!!!!

Supermaramu 2k #443
Rodney bay - st lucia

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