Re: [Amel] old Maramu - considering painted bulkheads in toilet compartments

David Wallace

An alternative for redoing the head bulkheads is to apply paneling directly over the vinyl, thereby avoiding the mess of removing the vinyl. We did that for both heads on Air Ops and it was a pretty straightforward job. We used the same technique for the overhead in the main salon, also with very good results.

s/v Air Ops
Maramu #104

On Dec 21, 2012, at 8:41 PM, Dave_Benjamin wrote:

Like so many older Amel sailboats, the vinyl headliners are failing in several places. In the toilet compartments we are considering just painting the bulkheads.

Before we remove the vinyl, I thought it would be good to ask if anyone has painted as opposed to replacing the vinyl. If so, was there a lot of work involved in getting the surface smooth enough for paint?

As part of this project we are going to repaint the fiberglass floor pans in the toilet compartments. Our boat, formerly owned by Henri Amel himself, is a bit different than others we've seen in that the floor pan in the forward toilet compartment is orange and the aft one is green. The yard also used different color carpet on the shelves. We don't know if Henri suggested they just use remnants or if that was the desired appearance.

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