Re: Help !!! Maramu Deck Repainting ?

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I agree with Patrick, IF you are just wanting to darken the lines,
the little paint striping tool is the best. We just finished all
the lines on Hanalei--bought the striping tool at JC Whitney and it
is available online--
10101/p-3196/c-10101/catalogId-10101 Make sure you buy the kit 2-
stripe kit (ZX155343B). You can combine the assortment of small
brass wheels to be exactly the width of your deck lines. The kit
also comes with an extra bottle, which is handy. I used Pettit
Easypoxy 1-part Polyurethane paint (Bittersweet brown) which is
available at West Marine and elsewhere and was happy with it. Use a
squeeze bottle, like a dish detergent bottle to refill it. I used
the helpful advice from Ann and Ralph on SM#160 Harmonie posted on
September 6, 2003. Preparation of the grooves by sanding, etc.
according to the instructions on the paint is important. In
addition to the "2 stripe tool", I would add one ingredient to their
instructions--a money hungry college kid who will work for $9/hour.
Total labor cost was $440 (I supplied the knee pads).

Bob, Hanalei

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Hello to all fellow Amel owners.

I would like to address an issue many of the ones of you owning
older Amel yachts will probably face as well.

One day the time comes when you have to revitalize your boat's
i.e. repaint the white antislip areas as well as the "pseudo-teak".

We have asked Amel but their friendly response was "we do not
recommend to paint the deck" (Joel, what is your opinion on this ?)

Who of you have done so, what paint (or material) have you used,
what are your experiences ?

Presently I am planning to use International's Interdeck antislip
paint. Does anybody have experience with that product ? What else
would you recommend ?

Your support and useful comments will be HIGHLY appreciated.

Jochen Hofmann
Maramu # 143 "Blue Song"

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