Re: [Amel] Onan MDKAV 7kW 1999hrs Stops unexpectedly: no error code

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Glad you got it going. Please do not forget to clean out the broken bits in the heat exchanger. Soon or later they will give you trouble. Happy Sailing and NAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.


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Regarding my problem with Onan gen set I had fixed it and I thank you for your help.
i changed the actuator and Onan didn't stop anymore BUT it sounded not good as I looked for the problem at , at the end , I found it: when I changed the fuel filter during crossing I had a problem with screw and ,maybe, I damaged also with a new filter there was a little linkage of air along the screw of fuel filter so when Onan was on load , actuator " asked" more fuel, air entered, actuator was busy and I changed also the fuel filter support and now it works perfectly!
Thanks again
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It seems to me seawater flow sensor by somehow sence there is no flow and
shuts off the genset, and you run again it runs and stops after 30min , if
this is the reason you should see an error code ( blinking on carling switch
) . But I am thinking two possible cause ; 1- fuel filter, if that is old or
dirty that may cause the same thing , 2- sea water flow sensor if it block
somehow by small dirt that stops the genset

If those doesn't solve write back to me,


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Subject: [Amel] Onan MDKAV 7kW 1999hrs Stops unexpectedly: no error code

We're currently anchored off Ko Lipe in Thailand. It's hot, 90F+ and we're
having trouble getting our Onan to run for longer than 30min. I've replaced
the impellor, zinc, checked the heat exchanger, and everything seems fine,
except it simply quits; no error code; will
restart easily, but then quits again after 15-30min. There is plenty of
water coming out the exhaust and good suction on the seawater intake (I can
close the sea-chest and pull from a large bucket of fresh water, so I can
feel the suction.)
When the generator is working, it delivers 230V, 50.4Hz and I'm not drawing
more than 20A while charging.
Any ideas?

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