Pacific Islands to New Zealand

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all,
Being a New Zealand based sailor over a lot of years I have done a number of passages between NZ and Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, most recently in Ocean Pearl from Tonga to NZ, NZ to Tonga, to Fiji and Fiji to NZ.
In conversations with numerous cruisers on Amels and a variety of other designs I find that there is widespread nervousness about making the passage from the Pacific Islands to NZ, with a certain amount of justification.
On arriving at the Southernmost islands in the Pacific group having enjoyed trade winds across the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Pacific, suddenly they are faced with the prospect of some windward sailing and the potential of uncomfortable conditions thrown up be the sucession of fronts coming across from the West. Every now and then there is quite bad weather to be avoided if at all possible.
This creates the need for careful passage planning as there is seldom a "weather window" that lasts long enough to complete the 1100 to 1200 sea miles. The wind will almost certainly change, and almost certainly for some period in the passge blow from a less than perfect direction at a strength above the ideal. Having said that, there are many boats who do get the dream run but I think they are in the minority
After the coconut milk run this is understandably an unatractive proposition and the marinas and anchorages are abuzz with talk of the best passage planning professionals to use and when and where the weather windows will occur.
There is a general exodus of boats in October and November heading for NZ to avoid the Pacific Cyclone season.
I want to see if the group would permit me to offer on the site for the next season a paid service to deliver yachts from the Pacific to NZ. I have lifetime sailing experience as owner and Skipper (Captain to the Americans). Mosty recently we have owned Ocean Pearl SM 299 for coming up five years and have done around 25000 ocean miles in her. 
Obviously I am not asking the group to endorse the offer, just to allow me to mention it on the site
Can you give me your thoughts about offering this on the site.
Wishing you all a New Year that gives you miles of good sailing.
SM 299
Ocean Pearl
Currently in our home port Mangonui New Zealand

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