Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Engine-Autoprop problem

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I am hoping that Dimitris will tell us whether and how he has solved the
engine problem, it certainly sent me under the boat to polish the prop to
gleaming bright with 100 wet and dry sandpaper.
On a minor note the macerator pump on our aft head started leaking after
about two and a half years liveaboard use. I replaced the seal with Jabsco
part no 90197-0000.
Doing this I found that the pumps in both heads had been wrongly assembled
and thus likely to damage the motors when the seals start leaking. The
motor is black and bolted on to it is the pump assembly which can be fitted
in two ways. The correct way will place the weep holes at the bottom and
the top of the motor and the incorrect way will place them horizontally as
my ones were. This means that when the seal goes the back end of the pump
casig will fill to half way before the leaky "water" can escape thus
immersing the front bearing. It is not difficult to remove the whole
assembly and correct the fault before any damage is done.

Best wishes from the new headmaster, John on Bali Hai
SM 319

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