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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi John,
this is a pretty wide open question. All the Pacific Islands are worth a visit, from the tiny uninhabited to the larger more "developed". We had the advantage of coming in from the Pacific crossing to the Marqueses so we had it all laid out before us. Boats have often gone from NZ to Tahiti but it can be hard work. For a one season voyage, Tonga is marvelous, Nukualofa a good starting point, the Ha'apai are breathtaking,corals and fish life that are so good, the Vava'u group amazingly sheltered and both have whales galore.
You could spend a season there. Fiji is different but still quite remarkable, hundreds of islands to visit. Some of the best dive sites in the world. For one season. Tonga and Fiji would keep you fully occupied and you wouldn't get anywhere near seeing it all. Fiji has marinas that have just successfully withstood hurricane Evan with 200km plus winds.. In one season you would not explore all that Fiji and Tonga have to offer.. Start in the South of Tonga, work your way to the North, then across to Fiji. In Fiji the options are endless. But wherever you are in the Pacific Islands be aware of unmarked or mismarked coral reefs, never let your guard down.
Hope this helps
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I am hoping next year to do a trip from Far North Queensland to New South Wales then New Zealand to Pacific Islands and back home via Vanuatu. I have obviously been doing my own research but would appreciate any advice about destinations and timing. I wonder how far east is practical or worth the trip?

John Popeye Maramu #91

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You may want to connect with Chris Bone. He runs a yacht delivery service based in Auckland and is very reputable.

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Hi all,
Being a New Zealand based sailor over a lot of years I have done a number of passages between NZ and Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, most recently in Ocean Pearl from Tonga to NZ, NZ to Tonga, to Fiji and Fiji to NZ.

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