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Hello Ian,
I would be flattered if you did. Incidentally if the dodger is in need of renewal when you buy give serious attention to an old posting by Ian and Judy on Pen Azen as they made a huge improvement by increasing the length of the struts by 15 and by 10 cms for the rear ones thus creating more headroom and much more forward visibility even when sitting on the aft cabin top. Since seeing it when they berthed near us in Sicily I would copy if I were not so senile and contemplating sale this Autumn.

Happy New Year, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM2k 319, Malta

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Thanks much Anne and John. I had a look at the pictures and congratulate you on the conversion and the other upgrades you did. Your aft bunk certainly seems to do the trick both at anchor and underway. As I get closer to doing the work, hope you don't mind if I reach out and connect.

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Hello Ian,
When we took delivery of our SM No 319 in Jan 2001 we had the same problem and in the event it was solved with a bit of DIY. Have a look at the photos section from back in about 2003 under “Changes to Bali Hai” and you will see how we built a huge bunk on top of the Amel stuff so that it could be easily reverted to the original. With the conversion we sleep athwart-ships but on passage when the boat is heeling the one off watch sleeps fore and aft on the downhill side in relative comfort. The cost was for two single bed frames with wooden slats and two high quality mattresses one of which together with the aft frame had to be cut to fit. It was much easier to do than to explain in this response. If you want any more details Email me on hollambyjohn(at)
Incidentally when using this site always give your details, as below, so that you get an answer for your version of the various Amels and try to put the subject matter as you have done in a form that will sort out the wheat from the chaff when someone is using the search box to seek previous posts out of the staggering 12,000 that have grown over the years.One other tip is to open an Amel folder and when you see a definitive advice put it into that folder.

Happy New Year in the new boat, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM2K SM319

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I am buying a pre-2001 Super Maramu. The aft cabin double bunk on port is about 190 cm in length. I am 193 cm tall so this creates a bit of a problem. My wife and I will have sleep somewhat on a diagonal. Has anyone modified this bunk for greater fore-aft width or even gone across with a port-starboard orientation? Many thanks!

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