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The length of the mizzen boom on the Sharki does not allow for a stern mounted arch or pole but I agree with you that it is the best place to mount solar panels if practical. I am not familiar with the Euro but perhaps it is possible if the overhang of the boom is not as great.
As the Sharki and Euros will be different in shape and dimensions the details of my installation will probably not apply to your boat, however they may be similar enough for you to get the general idea. The linear drive is mounted under the Starboard aft cabin berth next to the rudder quadrant. It is a very tight fit as there is less than 10mm clearance due to the hull shape. I would suggest that you make a template of the drive to see if you have enough room to fit one at all in your boat.
The solar panel mountings are ones that I bought from and modified as the stainless steel rail on our boat is 23mm and the fittings come in either 22mm or 25mm. They come as a kit with the bars and clamps although I did modify the clamping arrangement so that I could slide the panels in or out on the bars. As far as output is concerned the best I have seen is 9A with the sun directly overhead, Dave is correct that one is usually shaded and that dramatically affects output. It it much better than not having the panels and adds a useful contribution to battery charging particularly when the sun is low and both panels can be angled towards it.
I do not have any other photos but will try to take some detailed ones of the panel clamps next time I am at the boat.

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We have our solar panels mounted in similar fashion. We plan to relocate them to a stern pole. The problem with rail mount is you often have one shaded.

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Hi Graham,

Happy New year to you. I own an Euros 41, but i'd like to use your ideas for the installation of the side solar panels and of the linear autopilot unit. I'm in need of replacing my rotary drive pilot and I'm installing two 75W solar panels.

Could you, please, explain to me how did you make the modifications?
In particular... about the solar panels, where did you purchase the fitting? And how much power production you have in that position?
About the autopilot linear drive, where is it installed? Could you do some more pictures? Wider for the autopilot and closer for the solar panels?
Thank you very much.
My best regards

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Good day to all Sharki owners,

I have made the following additions to Zephyr that may be of interest to some of you. As all three projects took some thinking and design time I will be pleased to share what information I have.

1) Fit additional autopilot drive. Raymarine Type 2 short linear drive fitted to rudder with changeover switch.

2) Fit 2 x 80w solar panels on swivelling/sliding clamps to rails aft.

3) Fit cockpit enclosure with folding stainless steel framework.

Sharki 181 Zephyr

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