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Happy New Year to you too. As for stowage... beer in the fridge, wine and champagne under the floor, grand marnier, malt whisky and cocnac under the saloon table, blender for mango daiquiris under the sink.

More seriously, storage of heavier items to adjust trim is the thing if you want to avoid a list due to the fuel tank being offset. Also, although technically weight should be kept out of the ends I keep two spare anchors and chain in the bow lockers, helping avoid sitting a little low at the stern. I do not notice any increase in pitching having a bit of weight in the bow lockers. I have thick rubber mats in the bottom these lockers.

I still have the gas in the original position to use the aft lazarette for smelly stuff like fuel and refuse. There is a net on top of the fuel tank to retain the tool box and plastic boxes with regularly used spares. The liferaft is in the cockpit locker but can be stored on deck. Apart from that and the food, every available space appears to be filled with kids toys and books.

John, Maramu #91 Popeye

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Hi Maramu owners,

Happy New Year to all !!

We are currently in the process of planning to move aboard. However the downside with so much stowage space are the multitude of possibilities.

We would appreciate any feed back from Maramu owners on their thoughts about what is best to stow where and your experiences and advice in general.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Fair winds


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