Re: SM Carpet

Alejandro Paquin

Hello Terry. I´ve worked with carpet all my life. I suggest you replace carpet entirely. Getting a carpet with a foam backing may be difficult unless you find some leftovers at some store. There are manufacturers that make carpet with special backings for yachts but sell to yards and specialty shops. I would recommend you skip the backing. We left our carpet loose on the floor. You can use double face tape to fix it to the floor.
There is no practical way to attach foam to an old carpet since it will have stretched and have wrinkles in it.

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We are looking to replace either the backing our the entire set of carpets in Libby. The foam backing has deteriorated and is crumbling and peeling off the carpet.
Has anyone replaced the backing or the entire carpets?
If so where were the carpets purchased from or how was the foam backing replaced?

Terry&Dena Singh

SV Libby

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