Waste gate valve on Volvo TMD22 stuck and lever now sheared

Graham Boyd

Following Volvo service manual requires the waste gate on the turbo to be checked for movement. Last year it was stuck. Wd40 and a couple of days thinking about it had it freed off. This year I just went straight for WD40 and left it for a day or so. When I tried to move it it was stiff but freed off easily ......or not ....I had sheared the the shaft going into the turbo.


Has any one else done this and been able to weld the lever back on.?

If not is this just the most expensive "wielding of a spanner" of my life?

Has any one replaced the turbo on a this Volvo with the a Garrett part rather than the extremely expensive Volvo part, if so what was the part number?

I look forward to any comments.

Graham Boyd
SM140 Sula
Hong Kong

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