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If you are talking about the fore-cabin we keep stuff like spare turnbuckles and wire, a mini dismantlable workshop table and vice, storm sails, water toys, surplus lifejackets etc there.

Unless you plan to carry loads of dry food there is so much storage space in the saloon it is most convenient to keep it closer to the galley.

Under the centreline seat at the end of the saloon table is a good place for a second fridge/freezer if you don't have one already. We have a top openning Engel that fits nicely. It has a vent/grill in the woodwork for air circulation and a wire via the junction box for the mast lights and along the conduit that supplies these.


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Thank you all for your valued advice,

I am sure we will be re-arranging things BUT we do intend to have a stowage plan.

One more question : The DEEP storage space under the seating behind forward bulkhead - what have you used this space for ?? We're thinking in terms of Tins and Rice ( yes we're from Asia )

We would be interested to hear what you feel is best to store in this space.

Thanks in advance for your feedback , much appreciated.

fair winds


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