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Hi John and Ruth,

I noticed this post from a couple of years ago. We're looking to replace our Thomson Australe too. We're in Grenada and plan to get to up to Martinique this season, so your advice would be very valuable.

Which brand and model did you buy in Martinique, and would you buy the same one again if you had it to do over again? If not, which one would you buy this time?

Many thanks,

Steve and Donna Constantine
Summer Love

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Hi Pen Azen,

We have not replaced the bearings but we did replace our Thomson Australe while in Martinique a few months ago. Our washer was on the fritz and we decided it was too old to invest in a repair. We were amazed at the large number of brands and models and features available for top loader washers at the "big box" stores there, all of them almost exactly the size of the Thomson, if not a little bit smaller in width. There were at least 15 models to chose from ! Prices in Martinique started in the mid-300 Euros on up into the 700 Euro price level. If you decide to just buy a new one, I would think that you could find a similarly good selection of choices in France, if we had such in Martinique.

If you do buy a new one, the main issue to worry about is the height. Even though their stated height dimension may be exactly the same as the Thomson (850mm) many of the models have buttons and knobs etc on that top control panel area and some are just a tiny bit higher than our Thomsons, and if so, the countertop lid will be propped up by the contact. We were worried this might happen to us, but our new one fit just right. If it hadn't, our plan was to use a dremel tool to just buzz a small hole in the underside of the top where a knob might be hitting it. Also, check out the users manual of your finalist washer before buying. There are some French brands that provided their users manual ONLY in French. The other brands provide their users manuals in multiple languages.

Good luck !

Ruth Martin
SM #248

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Us again. We have this washing machine on board and after ten years of use its bearings are starting to protest. Has anyone replaced these bearings? Any tips?We live in fear that the whole thing will pack up, but yesterday, here in Spain, we discovered a near identical machine. Spanish made ( I'm not sure that the original is still made by Thomson, but presumably they have flogged off the m oulds to someone else) I will post details later of the name of the Spanish version. It costs 420 Euros, more than the usual vertical door opener because there is little demand for a small top opener. However, the Spanish one does 6 kg,one more than the Thomson Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Spain

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