Re: [Amel] Re engining a Super Maramu


Hello Graham
We've just put a Beta43 in our Sharki, haven't had a full season yet but we found the Beta people very pleasant to deal with and the the Beta/Kubota package came with a new transmission and was considerably cheaper than the Yanmar option. So far we're very pleased but time as ever will tell
David Worthington
Sharki148 Spirito Affine currently in Preveza Greece

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 09:01:18 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Re engining a Super Maramu

I have been closely reading the posts on this subject.

Has any one re engined with a Beta engine or other naturally aspirated engine? expensive turbo to go wrong!

I would be interested to hear from any one who has not fitted a yanmar .

Graham Boyd

SM 140 Hong Kong

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