New sails for supermaramu 2k

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I had some sails made by Joel's associate and they work and fit perfevtly.

No one ever measured my rig.

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While having a need to measure the rig is important on most other types of
boats, even identical models built within months of each other, because of
"customization/options", not so with the Super Maramu. They are all
virtually identical from the first one to the last. The sailmaker I
mentioned previously has built many complete suits of sails for boats he has
never seen based on experience and very accurate dimensions. Never a problem
with these sails not fitting perfectly. Experience and security in numbers
of units built is the big difference. I have no axe to grind. I promote
Peter because he makes my customers happy and I like to see folks like him
with enough work to keep him happily in business.

However, even with exact measurements, I would insist on 'hands on' with the
sailmaker actually visiting the boat when using a loft without several
successful sets of sails made.

Kent, do your spectra sails mildew when you don't use the boat for a period
of time? I had a set of Amel supplied spectra sails on one of my new Super
Maramus and the sails would turn green in three weeks here in Florida
humidity. It didn't hurt anything but one woman who was a potential new boat
client wrinkled up her nose and said they looked "icky" after seeing them
during the sea trial!

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I would have a loft do the measurements unless you are going to be in a
really distant place. That way if there's anything out of synch they won't
be able to blame you. My sails are Dacron with Spectra and the main and
mizzen have vertical battens who h give the furling sail a much better
shape. I was told by the loft (Banks Sails in Kemah, TX) that they should
last 10-15 years with normal use.
SM 243
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I have to replace my mainsail and jib so I'm asking you if someone could
give me the right dimensions for main and jib and I 'd appreciate some
suggestions concernig material and kind of cut .Now I am in martinica and
I'm planning in spring to sail to USA.
Alessandro lucetta blu
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