Re: Grounding problem? (going with tester in engine room)

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There is not enough information here for me to give you an opinion. Did you solve your Mass red light problem that you had earlier?

It seems as though you have some issue with the internal ground (bonding system).

Also, without knowing what kind of meter and what range you have the meter set at, I think a "few" ohms is reasonable to cover meter error and paint or other non-conductive material where you have connected the tester wires.

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With the 24V alternator disconnected from the electrical system, I tested the resistance with a tester between the black cable from the battery service (normally connected to the alternator) and the metal frame of the motor. The electrician told me that the resistance would have to be nothing, but in my case it is several Ohm. In your experience, this mean anything to you? There may be a problem of grounding in your opinion?

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