Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Water maker lay-up

john martin <symoondog@...>

In addition to the information I gave you about winterizing your watermaker, I forgot to mention that if you lay your Amel up in extreame cold, you may also want to winterize all of your salt water intakes. This is easily done by getting a couple of gallons of anti-freeze ( the enviomental type). Turn off your salt water intake, and take off the top of the filter. I call this the sea chest. Start your engine, and when all the water is gone, pour in the anti-freeze. When you see the anti-freeze coming out of the exaust, shut off the engine. Do the same thing for the generator. With the sea chest full of anti-freeze turn on each toilet until the anti-freeze goes in the toilet and out the discharge. If your anchor wash is connected to the same sea chest, run that also. Make sure the anti-freeze is not only enviomental friendly but non corrosive for aluminum, and rubber, i.e. your impeller and toilet parts. If you run your charger all the time, it generates enough heat to keep the engine room a little warm, but I allways turn off my charger and main battery bank when I leave the boat for any time. The bildge pump is wired direct to the batteries, so cutting off the main switch doesn't effect it, and if you do a proper job storing your Amel you won't need a bildge pump anyhow. If you leave the switch on, then the computers,clocks, etc. will eventully run the batteries down. This also can tell you if your batteries are going bad. I can leave my boat for months with no charger on and when I get back the batteries are still at 100% . If I come back and they're at 90% they're gone. Regards John
'Moondog" SM 248
From: "john martin" <>
Subject: RE: "Monndog" sm248
From: "davidcrisp" <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Water maker lay-up
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 10:17:09 -0000

Now we are back in the UK where fresh water is free and readily
available I want to put our water maker to bed - for the winter and
long term.
The instructions I have are very unclear. Can someone advise me on
what the best method is for 'laying-up' the water maker? Presumably
it will need sterilzing and protection against freezing? Our is the
24V 50l/hr model.
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