Re: New sails for supermaramu 2k

Mark Hayden

I'll second Miles. In 2011 I was in Fiji realized it was time for new sails. I contacted Doyle in Auckland and they got the design and made new sails (genoa, main, mizzen, and ballooner) without coming near the boat. They have been great for about 10k nm of sailing.

The only issue was that the bolt ropes didn't extend all the way to the foot of the sails as I believe they did on the original, which causes the foot of the ballooner to flap a little.

regards, Mark
SM2K 331

--- In amelyachtowners@..., "Miles Bidwell" wrote:

Six years ago I bought a set of sail from Gateff Sails in Toulon, France
(Sails Gateff is now part of Doyle Sails). Gateff makes the sails as large
as is physically possible-significantly larger than the factory
specifications. He used Hydra Net sail material which he said was the best.
(You can find out about this material on the internet.)

After a transatlantic and more, the sails look like new with absolutely no
sign of any stretching, the light air performance of the boat is
much improved, and it tacks through a smaller angle. If anyone is
interested, when Doyle bought Sails Gateff, Doyle acquired the computer
programs that run the sail cutting machine so they should be able to
duplicate the size and shape of these sails. The sails are all radial cut
and the shape of the jib can only be described as being beautiful.


Miles (SM 216 Ladybug), now on the hard in Newport, RI

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