Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Birth of a French speaking Amel Sailboats Forum


Hi Patrick:

Thank you for the info on the new French speaking Amel Sailboats Forum. I
wish you well. I wish I spoke French. It would make my relationship with my
Amel and the Amel Factory staff easier for them and me. The Amel staff would

We love our Amel and will not have anyother sailboat to cruise the worlds
oceans as a couple. However after sailing our Amel for 33 months and 20,000
miles around the islands of the Med, Caribbean and Atlantic twice my wife and I
have decided to spend more time alifornia with our grandchildren and complete a
masters degree program through 2006. Then we will go back to sailing. We have
put our Amel up for sale.

I would like to advertize my 2002 Amel Super Maramu hull #340 in your new
Amel forum. I have been advertizing for just 3 months in Cruising World, Sail
and Blue Water Cruising. Since you have invited ads into your Forum I would like
you to put this ad in either French or English. Is there a cost to do this?

My current Ad is as follows: 2002 model- 52' (16 meter) Amel Super Maramu
2000. Pristine and loaded with 50,000 Amel factory extras. New cost to day
would be over 600,000 Euros. We are asking 450,000 Euros. VAT not paid.
Chesapeake location. American owner. Contact:

The last out of water marine survey was done at Amel Guadeloupe in 1/204.
Yanmar 75 HP replaced in Hyrers 7/03 and has 655 hours. Genset has 1010 hours.
We encourage any interested party to see 2 or 3 new and used Amels THEN see
Sailslady before buying any Amel. Our Amel is in better condition than many new
Amels and most preused ones. All the wrinkles and problems have been worked
out. If you know boats you know what I mean.

I would be able to show Sailslady in Baltimore between September 17 and 22
and again October 8 -13.

Again thank you for opening your Amel French language Forum to those of us
that can not speak French.

Byron Henderson

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