Maramu access to forward part of engine

Andy Croney

Dear Maramu owners,

We have the original Perkins 4154 engine on our Maramu which has developed a leak , as far as I can tell from a failed gasket - in the forward part of the engine.

My question is how to access this area, I can just about squeeze in over the starboard side but that is it. Is there a better way ??

We're even thinking of cutting an access opening from the forward part of the internal corridor ( linking saloon to aft cabin) to the engine room.

We are prepapared to lift the engine out to replace gasket and carry out any other maintenance tasks , do we have to remove the hard dodger to lift it out ??

The access hatch would remain if we need to access the forward part of the engine at a later date.

Your thoughts, experience and ideas much appreciated.

Kindest regards


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