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Hi all if you can not find a shop to make a new gooseneck then in line with Joels comment I'd sleeve it with a nylon bushing and. Lube the bolt with silicon grease. That way you get a good non metallic solution for the time being. By the way at one time there was a nylon bushing in that assembly. Most likely long worn out.


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On Jan 19, 2013, at 11:46, "Joel F Potter" <> wrote:

Hi Mark and thanks for bringing it to my attention that I used to own your
boat! I must be slippin'.

The suggested repair troubles me on several levels.

First, I was told by Amel that the gooseneck is "heat treated" solid
aluminum and should "last forever". Oh well. Even if done very carefully
using cutting/cooling lubricants, the heat generated by drilling this
component would all but surely weaken it.

Second, placing a steel sleeve inside an aluminum component and then running
a stainless steel bolt through the whole thing sounds more like a newfangled
high tech battery than anything else. All joking aside, you will surely find
extreme electrolysis in this assembly as soon as you introduce salt water
into the mix.

I maintain that these goosenecks should be replaced. If you have one made
locally, be sure to have the machinist test the hardness of the aluminum
block and try to match it. I am hopeful Amel should still have this part or
access to obtaining replacements.

After the entire standing rigging and the mast steps/receivers/compression
assemblies, the goosenecks are the third most dangerous rigging component to
the safety of the vessel and those aboard were they to fail
catastrophically. Be sure. Replace, don't repair.

It really brings a big fat smile to my face to know you are doing well and
enjoying your Amel as you make your way around the world. Thanks.

All the best,


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Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2013 3:44 AM
Subject: Re: [Amel] loose gooseneck

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

The wiggle appears to be due to looseness in the horizontal bolts that
attach the boom to the aluminum piece at the gooseneck. He is proposing
taking the boom off, removing the aluminum piece, drilling a somewhat larger
hole, and inserting a steel bushing around the bolt to remove the wobble. I
would estimate that each of the booms has about 5-10 degrees of freedom to
rotate (in the axis along the length of the vessel) because of looseness of
the bolt in the aluminum block. Of course, I'm _not_ referring to the two
other freedoms of movement that are obviously intended by using an aluminum
block and two bolts. I'd be happy to send a picture if this isn't clear.

The rigger appears to be knowledgeable and says he has done this kind of
operation before.

The question I have is: whether the wobble should be there? Should I do
anything about it?

As you are aware, SV Northfork was once your SM2K demo vessel. In the
intervening years it has been not once but twice around the world (we are in
Cape Town South Africa about to head across the Atlantic)... so a little
wear between the bolt/aluminum is perhaps understandable :).

best regards, Mark

--- In
, "Joel F Potter" wrote:

Always pay attention to a professional rigger until he proves otherwise.
That said, I have had many of them unfamiliar with aspects of Amel stuff
kind of snarky. The dreaded "Not invented here" syndrome.

Mark, what part is loose? If there is "slop" in the aluminum piece that
takes the vertical and horizontal axis bolts, I would replace it rather
drill things oversize. If the bolts are worn, well, call the Guinness book
of World Records. Probably the aluminum piece. It is a simple piece of
aluminum that should be easy to duplicate if Amel does not have them in

I am curious about this and very interested in the outcome so please be
to share what you find and fix. I have never seen this on SM 53's I have
sold that have been all the way around the world. Has anybody else
experienced this? The Amel gooseneck is the simplest and strongest
to this component I have ever seen.

All the best,


Joel F. Potter - Cruising Yacht Specialist, LLC

Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas

Mailing Address: 401 East Las Olas Boulevard #130-126

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Phone: (954) 462-5869 Cell: (954) 812-2485

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Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 6:12 AM
Subject: [Amel] loose gooseneck

I had a rigger come by today to do an annual rigging check. He though the
booms on both the main and mizzen wobbled too much. He believes the
gooseneck has worn to become somewhat loose. He recommends drilling out
hole and inserting bushings to reduce/eliminate the wobble.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this (Joel...)? Is this an Amel-ism that
should be left as-is? Or it something that should be fixed? Has anyone had
this operation done?

Thanks in advance!

best, Mark
SM2K 331

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