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David Wallace


We had our Perkins rebuilt in 2007 and took the opportunity to renew the engine compartment at that time. We stripped out the old insulation, steam-cleaned the entire compartment, then re-insulated. We also replaced the bilge pumps in the sump (this is your one chance to have good access to them), and redid the wiring and plumbing. Finally, we added an intake thru-hull to feed the aft head, watermaker, and refrigeration system leaving only the main engine and genset on the original thru-hull. Since the engine was out, we also pulled the shaft for inspection and ended up replacing it due to wear. By the way, we've had good success getting 4.154 parts from Trans Atlantic Diesels in Virginia, but they are getting more difficult to find. Having said that, it's a pretty simple engine and we've successfully had the injector pump and injectors rebuilt in Mexico, as well as the raw water pump.

It sounds like your gray water drainage is slightly different from ours. On Air Ops (this is how she was set up when we bought her in 2000) the forward sink drains directly overboard by gravity through a thru-hull in the head. The showers fore and aft do go to the engine room sump. The aft sink gravity drains as does the galley sinks through a thru-hull outboard in the lazarette. We experimented with having the forward shower drain to a box with pump at the foot of the companionway steps, with the outflow routed directly to port through a thru-hull remaining from a previous refrigeration system, but went back to sending it to the sump when the pump in the box failed and the space the box was in flooded ( a minor flood proving that Henri was right in the way he originally set things up0. Having said all of this, we've actually had no issues with the original arrangements.

Best of luck,

s/v Air Ops
Maramu 104
Puerto Escondido, BCS, Mx

On Jan 22, 2013, at 9:19 PM, Andrew Croney wrote:

Hi Dennis,

thanks again for your feedback - unfortunately it is an oil leak, we lifted
the engine yesterday. ( I re-routed all the seawater piping and put on a new pump a few Months ago.....

Praise again to Henri, the job was much more straightforward the I had imagined.

The "experts' are now looking at the condition of the Perkins - reconditioning, with a view of keeping it.

I am going to take this opportunity to sort the wiring in the engine room and redo forward bulkhead engine room lining.

The grey water from both aft and forward showers and sinks plus the galley
sinks go to the central bilge and are then pumped out. We're debating
whether we should put in 2 extra thru'hulls and re-run the drainage, Aft sink and shower with Galley sinks via one thru hall system and forward
sink and shower thru another.

Advice and thoughts much appreciated.

Fair winds


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