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I believe the short answer is that only solar panels make any financial sense, and only if diesel costs increase to be about $3USD/liter. The problem is that, although there are many users of solar power and many users of wind and water generators, very few have actually accounted for the cost/benefit accurately.

If you are familiar with Excel, I created a financial model for solar power that takes into consideration the amount of amps consumed by your SM 2000, the price of fuel, the cost of panels and the maintenance and depreciation of the generator. When the variables are entered the model computes a pay-back for your particular situation. Many of the Input items are variables and can be changed to meet your criteria. Even the amount of time for refrigeration and lights can be changed.

I would be happy to email this to anyone interested if you will send and email to bill"at", I will forward the Excel spreadsheet to you. It will not be user-friendly unless you have a good working knowledge of Excel.

Hope this answers your question and will help you.

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Hi firends,
I need your opinion concerning power generator (solar panels , wind generator, water generator) on amel supermaramu 2k; as we know she is a power consuming boat but it is worth to spend money for this kind power generator when we have to use generator for water maker, washer machine and more? In case which of these kind of power generators are more suitable for this boat? One story: during ocean passage I had to turn on generator 3h x2/day, a friend of mine with 2 panels and 1 wind generator has to turn on it 2h x2/ it worth????
Thanks for your help
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