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We have changed our bimini to a fixed roof over the cockpit. On that roof we have mounted 24v solar panel 460 W. Our battery bank includes 8 golfcart batteries providing 520 Ah.
We have changed all lamps to LED, we have changed the compressors to fridge/freeze to fresh water cooling and changed the insulation on them aswell. Which was of big importans for the overall consumption profile

During day time (sailing) we are usually power neutral. Meaning we only have to start the diesel generator for washing or making water.

Our plans is to install a wind generator for additional power during night and cloudy days.

We think that it is better to use the diesel for making speed than making power. So for us, yes it is worth it.

Ann-Sofi & Jonas
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We are intending to do extensive cruising. Staying out of marina's, and primarily living "On the Hook". We have AGM batteries. Filling the battery bank to 80-85% with a genset or hi capacity engine driven alternator is fairly efficient. The last part of the charge up to 100% is not efficient. (Could be many hrs of genset operation at low load to charge up to 100%). For this reasion we will probably install solar panels. AGM's in particular need to be periodically charged to 100% . Also, ask your battery manufacturer what voltage their particular batteries should be charged at. Charging, no matter what the source, at too low a voltage is inefficient, and at too high a voltage is damaging.
Thank You All for the wonderful Amel information. We loved the Joel Potter movie last night.
Fair Winds,
Mark and Joanna

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What my friend Paolo Liberati says is: use all possible system to have power. I.e. it is not a matter of cost benefit balance, when you are on passage, it is a matter of power needs in case of gen set failure. Solar panels never fail, and also windgen. I have sol pan plus wind gen and up to now (in the Med anyhow) now need of diesel genset. Craig with a Santorin and genset says that if you are not too power hungry (led lights etc) you can more safely survive without genset, or with a cheap portable Honda genset for emergencies only and solar panel - at least 2 x 90W - and one wind gen on top of mizzen mast, In total about 1500 euros
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Hi firends,
I need your opinion concerning power generator (solar panels , wind generator, water generator) on amel supermaramu 2k; as we know she is a power consuming boat but it is worth to spend money for this kind power generator when we have to use generator for water maker, washer machine and more? In case which of these kind of power generators are more suitable for this boat? One story: during ocean passage I had to turn on generator 3h x2/day, a friend of mine with 2 panels and 1 wind generator has to turn on it 2h x2/ it worth????
Thanks for your help
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