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Paul LaFrance <pflafrance@...>

On Nomad we have both solar 470 Watts and a mizzen wind generator- Air X. The cost benefit for the solar is a pay back of 2 years and the wind generator is 5.5 Years. The wind must be above 15 knots for it to work and as such a longer pay back period. Solar is the way to go.
We run our genset for .5 hour in the morning only. Our daily consumption is between 150 -180 Amp Hrs. We have installed another battery charger (Magma) which is also an inverter 220V 50 cycle . We run both chargers and turn off the Magma after 10 minutes as the Dolphin is sufficient to top up the batteries. We leave approx. -34 Amp Hrs remaining to be topped up and the solar panels do this during the day.
Our Magma inverter is handy as we can run the 220 V appliances without the generator. Using things like the washer or water maker can draw done the batteries quickly but if you use the inverter for .5 Hr the batteries are recharged by the solar panels. We have an Outback controller to monitor and put the correct charge in the batteries.
WE have also switched all lights to LED.

Paul LaFrance
SV NOMAD #362 Currently in the BVI

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