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I like it too, Craig. What do you think about my idea of putting a filter in the line from the tank to the pump? A couple of valves would make it easy to change and with good water in the tank it shouldn't need changing often? Any idea how much water is moved by that pump? Would turn over the tank water pretty frequently, I think. You'd have to put the intake very low (is the tank flat or does it have a shape like the hull?) to keep it from sucking air when underway.

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Kent was commenting on a suggestion to put a heat exchanger circuit (aka keel cooler) in the water tank for refrigeration cooling and wondered about the risk of contaminating the fresh water with sea water.

I've started a new thread since that was buried.

The best solution I've seen, Kent, was on Burger and Nancy Zapf's boat Halekai (not an Amel). They very simply just feed fresh water to the refrigeration pump from the tank and have the outlet go back to the tank.

That way you've got a closed loop of fresh water going from and to the fresh water tank. No possibility of sea water in the tank and no need for a complicated keel cooler.

Our Amels with the water tanks in the keel will dissipate the heat nicely and you can even run the refrigeration while the boat is on the hard.

A perfect solution that I'll be swtiching to.

Craig Briggs, in FL while
s/v Sangaris SN#68 is in Didim, Turkey

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